Hey King Solomon fans ,
Join us Saturday April 20th 2019 at Rock Country MKE. Rock Country is one of the area's premier live music venues and a perfect place for a King Solomon 420 Reggae show. The venue is connected directly to Silk Exotic night club. Bring all your friends. Get there early, this is going to be epic! Show starts at 9:30PM.
April 20th 2019 9:30pm
11400 W Silver Spring Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53225










04.20   Rock Country MKE   9:30p

04.27   The Knick 10p

05.03   Maifest Milw Estabrook Park. 5pm-8pm

05.04   The Lakeside (Oconomowoc, WI) 8:30p

05.11   Wedding (New London, WI)

05.31   Reggae Beach Party at Blue Rock, Racine WI 9P

06.01   The Twisted Fisherman  9P

06.15   The Rock Sports Complex Franklin, WI 6:30p

06.22   The Twisted Fisherman 9p

07.13   The Twisted Fisherman  9p

07.17   Shorewood Summer Sounds 6p

07.27   The Twisted Fisherman  9p